MNH019 – -:Metsänneito:-


-:Metsänneito:- is a premade digipack artwork for sale, suitable for dark and heavy music, such as black or doom metal. No booklet pages or shirt designs are premade, but can be done on request.

This pre-made artwork includes:
• 4-Panel Digipack Design
• No Booklet
• No Shirt Design

The artwork will of course be customized to your needs. This does not only mean that I offer to add your logos, texts and information for you, but if you wish to see some further changes being made to the design, I will take care of these as well. Major changes to the design can, however, be very time consuming, so keep this in mind when making your offer.

Of course this premade artwork can also be transformed into other formats, such as jewel case, tape or vinyl. In most cases, such a conversion takes a lot of time in order to be done carefully, so this is something you should keep in mind as well when requesting it.