Sepulchrum – Echoes of Oblivion (3,5″ Floppy Diskette)


Echoes of Oblivion

The black metal scene certainly holds a few curiousities in store – but an Ukrainian label focused on releasing obscure lo-fi black metal on 3,5″ floppy diskettes in limitations of 20 copies surely are among the highest ranking ones. And so two Belgium bands approached me to design simple sleeves for their floppy releases, one of those being Sepulchrum. Their only release – apart from their appearance on the “Ordo Omegae Absolutae – Compendium Ordinis“, a compilation of the occult black metal circle Sepulchrum (and Necrosophia) belong to, is called “Echoes of Oblivion” and eventually received a sleeve design from me. The songs which appeared on this floppy are not to be found on the net, but their appearance on the “OOA – CO” is linked on the right hand side.



Type: 3,5″ Floppy Diskette
Booklet: None
Label: Floppy Noise Records
Release: 18/11/2014