about moornebheym

Mario Polzin

Moornebheym (moor-neb-heym) is an ongoing art project, rooted with heart and soul in the shores of the Baltic Sea. 
Here inspiration can be drawn from the forests and the waves alike: no wave and no tree will ever be alike each other – this is also the case with our perception of our surroundings. Each individual perceives the world in its very own way and with my photography I try to mirror a tiny piece of mine.

It has shown that my way of self-expression underlines certain types of music rather nicely, conveniently music that suits my personal taste as well. Therefore I am always happy to work with musicians and have collaborated with an ever-growing list of talented ones so far, always looking to futher expand it.

 The core and essence of my design work is my own photography. It is mainly rooted in the depiction of nature and the role us humans play within it, creating atmospheric visions from the womb of the earth. Not solely, but preferably based on these I create album artworks, promotional graphics and everything desired.


A couple of times in the past I was contacted for interviews – answering a few questions to give an insight into my work and my ideas and concepts behind it at that time. Each time I was honoured to be interviewed by wonderful art-lovers, who showed a lot of passion for the subject. If you are interested in getting some insight into the history of my photography work, feel free to read some of the few interviews that are still online.